Balance Factor

About the Game:

Balance factor is the prototype of a game based on physics and the main goal in this game is to put as many boxes as you can on the flip-flop.


In the web version, the game is played by keyboard, but it is completely controlled by gyroscope on Android version.

This game has both endless and normal (with levels) modes.


This game can also become a popular game, especially on mobile phones and tablets, if we expand it further and add power-ups, cartoon characters, more levels and etc.

We have designed numerous unique levels, interesting story and many cartoon characters for the completed and extended version of this game.

If you like the idea of this prototype and are interested in investment and co-operating in this project, contact us and we will give you more information about it.


You can download the prototype of PC and Android versions from here:

Download PC version


Download Android version


Play Live version



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