Coloring Book: Update 2.2

About the Game:


ColoringBook (6)


This game is a coloring game and can be very interesting for children. It has 9 pictures (each time 6 of them are shown randomly) and you can choose one of them and then paint it. You have 24 colors and you can also change the size of pencils.You can change the size of pencil by scrolling mouse’s will or touching its icon on the screen. It is compatible with touch devices and has auto-resizing feature.

New Features Added in Update 2.2:

» Changed the background and now it is editable.


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  1. Gentlemen:
    I received a note from CODE CANYON regarding an udate version of your excelent coloring book.
    But cannot find the page, in which I can download the new 2.2 version.
    Please help me out.

    Einar Sveinsson

    • Hi and sorry for answering late,

      If you go to your dashboard in codecanyon and to download tab, you can download your purchased files again. If you download the Coloring Book now, it will give you the new version.

      If you faced any issues, feel free to ask and we will try to help you.

  2. Latest version now not working in Chrome Version 36.0.1985.125 m – including your demo. Any ideas on how this can be resolved?

    • Really really sorry for answering late,

      It seems it had some issues with new versions of Chrome. So we have updated it. The new versions will be available on Codecanyon in one or two days (it is already submitted and we are waiting for their approval). It will solve your issue.

      Again sorry for answering late.

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