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About the Game:




We made the prototype of Angry Finches based on Angry Birds and we tried to add a major advantage to it in comparison with Angry Birds. In this game you can choose! It means that you can choose your desired birds according to its unique abilities and your needs and complete each level in your own way and by using your creativity.

This prototype includes 20 levels. There are 4 different kinds of finch in this game with their own unique abilities and features.

For playing this game, click on the link below and enjoy!


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  1. Hello! I recently bought this great engine, what I need is to to grab the score made in a stage, I would appreciate some help to find the command that writes the score, so I can take it and put it in a database.

    Thanks for your time!

  2. Hi,
    we have bought this good game, and we need to grab the score to share it on facebook.
    it’s possible? There is a way to do it?

    thanks in advance


    • Hi and thank you for your purchase,

      Yes, it is possible and there are two ways for doing so. Contact us via our email and we will send you a guide about how it can be done.

  3. Can angry finches be made into an iPhone app as it is or would there have to be code changes?

  4. Hi, I recently downloaded some of your games source code from your blog. This one was included aswell but it said that due to abuse of the file it was in a survey. but when i click on the survey it says there are no surveys in my country. So i cannot download the files now. Please advise.

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