Runner – HTML5 Game

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In this 2D runner game, you play as an alien character who goes to an alien planet (!) and wants to explore it, so you have to go forward as much as you can and explore more! But there are many obstacles in your way and also defensive forces of these planets aren’t very friendly and so will try to kill you!
There are 3 characters in this game with different abilities and also 3 different planets (levels) each with some new features and enemies. The first character and level are free, but you have to purchase the rest by collecting coins in the game and purchasing them. After you have purchased them, you can chose your desired level and character from the menu screen.
The advanced levels are more difficult than the basic one and they are also more rewarding. The number of enemies will also increase as you progress. Remember to keep an eye on enemies and their attacks, because your health is limited! And after you are done, you can submit your score in leaderboard.



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