01Smile Puzzle Game Collection 2 (4 in 1)

01Smile Puzzle Game Collection 2 (4 in 1) - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

About the Pack:

This pack includes 4 different puzzle games:
1- HTML5 Slide Puzzle
2- HTML5 Tetris
3- Sudden Birds – HTML5 Physics Game
4- Minesweeper Classic – HTML5 Game

These games are separate from each other and you can edit each one individually.

HTML5 Slide Puzzle

This is a Slide Puzzle game that works with HTML5 and is developed to run in web pages.

At the beginning of the game, puzzle will automatically and randomly move the pieces and player should solve the puzzle by clicking and moving pieces. When he/she succeeds, the puzzle will dissemble again, but this time in a more difficult way.
This process will continue endlessly and each time player faces a more difficult puzzle to solve. This gradual increase in difficulty will keep the game challenging and interesting.

Slide Puzzle games are popular among different ages and people and so are a good choice for improving the experience of the visitors of your site.

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HTML5 Tetris

A simple and nostalgic Tetris game!

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Sudden Birds – HTML5 Physics Game

Sudden Birds is a physics puzzle game. In this game, you must help the farmer character of the game to reach the ground by picking boxes that are beneath his feet.
This game has 20 levels and all graphical elements of the game can be easily changed.
This game is completely responsive and its resolution will automatically change according to the screen size of mobile platform or desktop.

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Minesweeper Classic – HTML5 Game

A classic minesweeper game for HTML5 browsers. The rules are the same as every other game in this genre.

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