01Smile Puzzle Games Collection 3 (6 in 1)

01Smile Puzzle Games Collection 3 (6 in 1) - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

About the Pack:

This pack includes 6 different puzzle games:
1- Animal Puzzle (Rotating Tile Puzzle)
2- Kids’ Shapes Learning Puzzle
3- Collapse – HTML5 Game
4- Save the Penguin – HTML5 Game
5- World Cup – Ball History – Match 3 Game
6- Cross RPG

These games are separate from each other and you can edit each one individually.

Animal Puzzle (Rotating Tile Puzzle)


A rotating puzzle game with cute pictures of animals. The game’s difficulty will increase as you progress so it can be challenging and interesting for everyone.

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Kids’ Shapes Learning Puzzle

This game’s aim is to teach children the names and forms of different shapes. In every level you have some shapes and some empty spaces that must be filled with their corresponding shape. When you put a shape into its correct place, you also hear a voice saying the name of that shape. This game has 7 different levels and it will gradually become more difficult.

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Collapse – HTML5 Game

This is a match 3 game and you have to match 3 or more tiles of the same color with each other and destroy them. Every few seconds a row of new tiles will drop from top of the screen and you have to match and destroy them as soon as possible. As you progress, tiles will drop faster and when your screen is full, you will lose!

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Save the Penguin – HTML5 Game

This is a physics puzzle game. In this game, you must help the penguin to reach the ground by picking ices that are beneath its feet.
This game has 20 levels and all graphical elements of the game can be easily changed.
This game is completely responsive and its resolution will automatically change according to the screen size of mobile platform or desktop.

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World Cup – Ball History – Match 3 Game

In this Match-3 game, you have to become more powerful by matching the same balls with same color. Each time that you match balls with the same color, your progress bar for that ball will advance a little and after some time you will level up in that color. Each ball has its own special power and by leveling up, you can improve their powers and this is necessary for advancing throughout the game. And all of these balls are the based on the real ones that were used in different world cups and by playing this game, you can also get some information about them.

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Cross RPG

his game can be considered as an innovative game which combines 2048 game with RPG games and present a new experience! Also the basic mechanism of game play is like 2048, but added RPG elements make it a unique game! And you can buy this game only on Codecanyon!

This game has 3 different maps and 30 levels and there are 5 unique heroes that you can unlock them as you progress through the game and will make the game more interesting and add replay value to it!

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Cross RPG-01 Cross RPG-02 Cross RPG-12 Screen Shots (3) Screen Shots (5) Screen Shots (9) Screenshot (1) Screenshot (2) Screenshot (4) Screenshot (9) Untitled-1 Untitled-5 Untitled-7 Untitledew-5 Untitledgg-3 Untitlediu-6 Untitledt-2 Wolrd Cup - Ball History - ScreenShot01 Wolrd Cup - Ball History - ScreenShot04 Wolrd Cup - Ball History - ScreenShot9 Wolrd Cup - Ball History - ScreenShot10 Wolrd Cup - Ball History - ScreenShot15

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