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About the Game:


ColoringBook (4)


This game is a coloring game and can be very interesting for children. It has 9 pictures (each time 6 of them are shown randomly) and you can choose one of them and then paint it. You have 24 colors and you can also change the size of pencils. You can change the size of pencil by scrolling mouse’s will or touching its icon on the screen. It is compatible with touch devices and has auto-resizing feature.


How to Play:

You can use mouse or touch for picking pencils with different colors and use them for coloring the pictures. You can also use eraser if you made any mistake.



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  1. I purchased your WordPress Coloring Book plugin with high hopes (nicely presented in the demo!) but it does not install from the .zip I downloaded. Furthermore, it was priced at $12 but when I went to pay, the shopping system charged me $14 with no explanation why the price was higher.

    Is there a workaround method of installing it manually (I’m probably geeky enough to manage it)? Otherwise I need a refund because so far it has not worked out for us.


    FJ Elliott

    • Hi and sorry for answering a little late,

      About price, it is decided by codecanyon and authors can’t change it. We have seen some changes in prices before (usually about 2$), but we don’t know why they change it!

      The files on codecanyon doesn’t have any problem (we just tested them right now) and you are the first one to report this issue. Sometimes using proxy will cause problem in compressed files. So try to download it without any proxies and use a different browser. But if you still have problem, send us your purchase information and we will email you the game file.

      Also for getting quick answers, contact us via email:

  2. PS: To anyone else reading this… sending messages to is a waste of time.

  3. How can you say there is no poblem when the plugin does NOT INSTALL?

    When a plugin doesn’t install, it cannot be activated and obviously is useless. Why should I pay you for effectivelly selling me a lie?

    • Hi,

      We have never mentioned in this items description that it is plugin and it is categorized as HTML5 game. But you can implement it in your site. So if you need help in doing so, email us and we will give you information about how it can be done.

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