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Build Your Snowman


Build Your Snowman   In this game you can choose from 3 different snowmen and then use different available objects and clothes for making them look like what you want. There is also a picture button that will take a picture of your snowman and you can save it on your computer or mobile device. It is easy to play ...

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Kids Country Flag Quiz – HTML5 Game

Kids Country Flag Quiz-ScreenShot (1)

About the Game:     This is an educational matching game. Its goal is to teach the flag of different countries and their names to kids and can be very helpful for them. When you choose a flag, the name of its country will be said and then you have to choose the right name from the names visible at ...

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Unequal Match – HTML5 Game

Unequal Match screenshot (3)

About the Game:     This snake and ladder game has two characters: turtle and rabbit! The rules are same as other similar games, but there are two modes. In Paper mode, everything is similar to how you play this game on a board. You decide the order in which characters take turn, roll the dice, and then move your ...

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Dot to Dot – Shapes HTML5 Game

Dot to Dot_Shapes_Screenshot (15)

About the Game:     Connect the dots game are popular among children and can be used for educational purposes while entertaining them. This version’s aim is to teach different shapes and their names to children. While playing it and completing shapes, they will also learn numbers, their order and names. This game also has sound effect and the name ...

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Tank Strategy

Tank-Strategy (8)

Story: A few months ago, another country attacked us by surprise. We weren’t ready for them and so they were able to capture most parts of the country in a few weeks. But fortunately, our main tank factory is located on the only remaining province that isn’t under enemy control yet and is still operational. So using this factory and ...

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Pinball – HTML5 Game

Pimball (1)

About the Game:     In this pinball game, you can choose from 3 different style which are a little different from each other and try to submit your record on leaderboard and beat other players! These 3 styles are Pinball Style, Breakout Style and Football Style. Like other similar games, your goal is to score higher and for this, ...

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Speed Billiard


About the Game:     This billiard game is based on speed and your goal is to pocket all balls as soon as possible. There are 15 balls and the game finishes after all balls are pocketed. Your record is based on how many seconds you have spent for pocketing all balls and this will be considered as your final ...

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Runner – HTML5 Game

Runner - ScreenShot 05

About the Game:     In this 2D runner game, you play as an alien character who goes to an alien planet (!) and wants to explore it, so you have to go forward as much as you can and explore more! But there are many obstacles in your way and also defensive forces of these planets aren’t very friendly ...

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Sea Snake Jump – HTML5 Game

seasnake Jump screen shot  (1)

About the Game:     In this game you play as a sea snake and you have to jump on platforms and go as much high as you can. You will lose if you fail to jump on a platform and drop down the screen or touch a fish! There are also some different kinds of platforms and obstacles in ...

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Happy Animals Memory Games – HTML5 Learning Game

Happy Animals Memory Games - ScreenShot 01

About the Game:     This is a memory game in which you have to match the cards with the same pictures. The used pictures are funny and cartoon images of some wild animals which can make the game more interesting for children. This game has three difficulties (Easy, Medium and Hard).  

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