1. we love your work!
    please add me on skype

    skypeid: ignaciojbernal

    i want to buy all your games

    what other ones are you working on?

    we starting new site that will have these online and put ads in them
    very basic

    provide points

  2. Hi,

    Please send price quote for Tetris v2 (with ghost) and for current kidshapes puzzle and for seven senses.
    Please answer if I can edit them ? can I change the graphics ? etc?
    Can I pay with paypal?


    • Hi,

      For purchasing them you should visit this site:
      You find most of our games under Games section of HTML5 category or you can simply search their names. Their price and descriptions are stated there.

      About editing, you can edit the game’s appearance and sounds very easily.

      If you have any more questions about these games, contact us via our email:

  3. Hi!

    We want to buy one of your games, but it isn’t appear in your stock, the name of the game is Mini Chopper without fuel.

    How much does it cost?

    Please answer to me soon.

  4. hello
    i bought couple of games from codecanyon and in the last game there is link in the top

    that send the user to the top members… how can i remove this link

    • Hi and thank you for your purchase,

      We can edit it for you. Email us and we will send you the edited version (without link) soon.

  5. Recently we bought two HTML games, Color match & Kids Golf, on Codecanyon. We have installed them on a PC with a 46″ screen. The thing is that the screen resolution is 1920 X 1080 but the game resolution is just 1024 x 768, so the game looks bad, because of the big pixels . In order to fix it reduce our screen resolution to 1027 X 768, it gets better but is not good enough. Can you help us? We would need those games on 1920 X 1080 resolution. There is any chance to increase their resolution or to find this games on a bigger resolution?

    • Hi and thank you for your purchase,

      Unfortunately it can’t be done easily and for making the game larger, we need to remake all graphical elements of the game and it will take time.

  6. Hello,

    I would like to buy some games to add to my website, I want a feature that allows members to play the game to win cash or points. I want to be able to see the number of people who play the game daily and those who are able to complete the game to win cash, is it possible to have this feature?

  7. I have questions about
    HTML5 Slide Puzzle

    a. Is there an option as to how many pieces are in the puzzle? Or is it always 9?
    b. How many photos do I load at one time? And can change them whenever I want?
    c. If there is a link to your source website, can I remove it? Is there a fee for removal?
    b. It shows a cost of $11 and $55. Not sure what the different is. I do not want to charge members to play it. Is there any reason I need the extended license?
    What dose “level” mean? Is it just a different puzzle for each level? or is it more difficulty to solve?
    Thank you

    • Hi and really really sorry for answering late. I was away for a few weeks and completely forgot about comments.

      a. The new version has 9, but previous versions had more and all versions are included in the package that you get from codecanyon. You can’t change them yourself, but if you need, we can do this for you.
      b. The new version has 6 different images that you can replace them with images that you want whenever it is needed.
      c. Our logo is in the game as a sample of where you can put your own logo and you can freely remove it and add your own logo to it.
      d. Extended license is for you want to use it for commercial purposes, like charging players or editing the game and selling the edited version. So if you are just going to upload it on your website so that visitors can play or something similar, there is no need to purchase extended edition.

      By advancing in levels, the game becomes more difficult. But in version 2, we have changed it and reduce the difficulty, but add more images to make the game more interesting for kids.

      Hope I have answered all your questions. If there is anything else that you need to know, feel free to ask. Also note that if you email us, you will get a fast response because we are constantly checking our email, but sometimes forget to check the comments! 🙂

      And again sorry for the delay and the inconvenience caused by it.

  8. I am trying to buy some of your games at the the codecanyon site /envatomarket site but that site will not send me a verification email, so I can not join, so i cannot buy your games there. How can I buy
    HTML5 Slide Puzzle ?
    Please help me. I love this puzzle.


    • Hi and really sorry for late answer, I was away for a few weeks.

      I already have answered your your email about this issue. Hope it has helped you.

  9. What would be the cost to change some graphics (my own) and have the game placed on my website for others to play? Thanks!

    • Sorry for the very late reply!

      If there simple changes, you can probably do them yourself or if you want, we can do it with a price about 50$ (if it is just simple graphic change).

  10. Hello, I am interested in one of your standard memory games (concentration) using my own graphics. What would be the cost of having you do this for me?

    • Hi there,

      Well, it depends on what game you exactly have in ind and the number of images that you want to add to it. If you like, email us so that we can discuss it in more details.

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