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Build Your Snowman


Build Your Snowman   In this game you can choose from 3 different snowmen and then use different available objects and clothes for making them look like what you want. There is also a picture button that will take a picture of your snowman and you can save it on your computer or mobile device. It is easy to play ...

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Saving Animals – a Different Memory Game!!!


Story:     Unfortunately some animals have been captured! Please find the key for each cage and free these poor animals!!   About the game: We think that this memory game is a little different than other memory games! We suggest

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HTML5 Slide Puzzle Game


About the Game:   This is a Slide Puzzle game that works with HTML5 and is developed to run in web pages. At the beginning of the game, puzzle will automatically and randomly move the pieces and player should solve the puzzle by clicking and moving pieces. When he/she succeeds, the puzzle will

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